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The Center

The Compass Community Center is a 14,000 sq.ft. building located in Downtown Lake Worth. It serves as a meeting place for the community and provides a safe place for LGBTQ people and their allies.

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Health Services

Compass has provided a safe space for HIV testing services to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. If you, or a loved one, is in need of health services, please feel free to contact us.

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Youth Services

Compass provides a safe space for LGBTQ youth in Palm Beach County. At Compass, our youth and their allies engage in social support, community service, cultural activities, and leadership opportunities.

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As part of Compass' commitment of outreach in the community, we host a number of events throughout Palm Beach County including Pride of the Palm Beaches, Stonewall Ball, and World AIDS Day.

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We understand that it can be tough for members of the LGBTQ Community. A number of social and support groups are available to help our community members. Click here for schedules of those meetings.

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Business Alliance

The Pride Business Alliance is at powerful networking group for LGBTQ Business Owners, Professionals and their allies in Palm Beach County and beyond. Learn more and become a member today!

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30 Years of Compass: Who We Are

In This Video, we explore Compass and the services it has provided for the last 30 years to the LGBTQ Community of Palm Beach County.

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What Compass Does

In This Video, we explore Compass and the services it provides to the LGBTQ Community of Palm Beach County.

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Our Upcoming Events

The Youth Equality Prom

May 25, 2018

Equality Prom is an annual celebration for LGBTQ high school students and their allies. Since 2013, Compass has hosted the free and inclusive dance to celebrate our youth and honor their diversity. Equality Prom is made possible by fundraising efforts of the Youth Prom Committee and generous donations from the community.

The Compass Youth Prom is open to all LGBTQ high school students and their allies and takes place at Compass Community Center located at 201 North Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth, FL 33418. 

For more information, contact Amanda Canete at Amanda@CompassGLCC.com. to register for this free event, please click here. 

The Stonewall Black and White Ball

June 30, 2018

This is Compass' thirty year anniversary! This year's Stonewall Ball theme is a Glimmer of Pearls. 

The Annual Stonewall Black and White Ball attracts nearly 1,500 dignitaries, elected officials, candidates and community members from South Florida and the Treasure Coast.  Compass’ 17th Annual Stonewall Ball honors nearly 50 years of accomplishments of the LGBT rights movement. The decor and production is sponsored annually by Bruce Sutka, an international event design legend.

The VIP Award Reception is at 7:00 p.m., general admission 9 p.m. and the ball features a silent auction and dancing. Palm Beach casual, cocktail and costumed attire, in black and white, is encouraged.

At this time, only online tickets are available. Please note that tickets purchased online will put you on the will call list at the venue. You will not receive physical tickets. 

In honor of our 30 year anniversary, General admission tickets are $30 in advance.

The VIP Award Reception and Award Ceremony with admission to the Stonewall Ball is $75.

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Photo Credit: Jamers Geiger 

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It Gets Better Residency

Young People Who Are Bullied Need to Know that it gets better!

it gets better was created in 2010 by syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage as a YouTube video that gave hope to young people who felt bullied. After a rash of suicides by bullied teens, this video by Savage and his husband Terry Miller paved the way for supporters across the word to tell LGBTQ youth in their own words that it does get better.

The it gets better tour takes this profound message one step further, as a small but dedicated ensemble travels to communities nationwide to produce a week of educational workshops culminating in a moving musical theater performance.

Our Volunteers!

Any non-profit organization depends a great deal on the compassion and effort of others; Compass is no different. 

We have a number of volunteers who help us function every day. They donate their time and their hearts to our cause and we want to recognize their dedication to our community. 

If you would like to volunteer, click here!