Have Pride: It’s our generation that will forever change a nation

shapeimage_3 (6)We are the generation; can’t you feel it?

We are the generation to see it all come together. We are the ones who no longer need ammunition, because we’ve placed ourselves in the perfect position to overcome every superstition that led us to sedition.

We are the generation with the fortune to see the future that so many women, men & youth fought to bring to fruition. We are the generation because we are the greatest generation’s ambition. And we are the generation forever grateful to those who came before – who risked everything to be seen so we would survive the tactics to demean.

We are the generations who march because we’ve served one another for decades. We cared for one another through the height of AIDS. We sparked a sexual liberation movement built upon the work of women who fought for the right to vote. We turned to our schools demanding that safety for all youth be rote. We pushed our governments – local, state, and national – to hold employers accountable for polices that harm us in the workplace or kept us from serving openly in the military.

We are the generation of marriage equality…the ones to see the bullied emboldened to be who they yearn and strive to be, because it does get better and better as more of us are free to be just like you and me.

We are the generation softening one heart at a time, humanizing ourselves at a faster rate than those who undermine. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, friends, families, loved ones in unity – generations upon generations of solidarity.

We are the generation that will say goodbye to prejudices past, with the tools to fight the prejudices before us, and the integrity to stand with our allies in chorus. We are the generation built on the work of past generations, and we are the generation future generations will surpass. We are a generation surviving under fire, the ones thriving because of the courageous people before us who suffered or were spared the pyre.

Compass is on the eve of celebrating a generation of community-centered organizing with you – a community marching year after year with dignity and pride on cue. Because after all the things we all have tried, we have moved to center and will not be cast aside. We have changed the tide and soon future generations will be our guide.Our strength is in numbers.

The source of our power is the right side of history, and our future lies in making sure future generations never forget how to fight for respect, fairness, and dignity.

Thank you for being you because you are just like all of us, generations of commitment and passion – striving toward what is just.

Tony Plakas is the Chief Executive Officer at Compass Community Center and can be reached at  tony@compassglcc.com