Complete List of Services

Here is a complete list of services that your Compass Case Manager will be able to help you with after you become a client with us.

Supportive Case Management (Non-Medical)

Case managers meet the immediate health, psychosocial, and supportive needs that can be addressed in the short term. Clients that access supportive services require a maintenance level of periodic support, or who have become self-sufficient and need minimal management.

Comprehensive Case Management (Medical)

Case managers serve clients with multiple complex psychosocial and heath related needs with coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health care, support services, and continuity of care through on-going assessment of the needs, referrals, and support on a long term more intensive level of case management.

Primary Outpatient Medical Care

Compass provides clients with referrals to primary medical care services for the treatment of HIV/AIDS in an outpatient setting with the Palm Beach County Health Department or a private infectious disease provider. Services include office visits and laboratory tests for treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Specialty Outpatient Health Care

Our Case Management team will assist based on referrals from the primary medical provider eligible clients may receive assistance with short term treatment of medical condition associated with their diagnosis of HIV/AIDS disease.

Prescription drugs through AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a state-administrated program authorized under Part B of Ryan White Program that provides HIV/AIDS medication to low-income individuals with HIV/AIDS disease who have limited or have no coverage from private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare and meet eligibility requirements. Within the state’s ADAP website is the eligibility and information needed to become an individual of the program, click here.

Currently, local ADAP in Palm Beach County does not have a waiting list. However, if someone is in need of medications and unable to immediately enroll in ADAP, they may be eligible to receive medications through a Patient Assistance Program (PAP).

There are over 180 Patient Assistance Programs offered by pharmaceutical companies that provide free or low-cost drugs for individuals who cannot afford to pay for them. Each program has specific Eligibility criteria and coverage. A case manager can assist you with the application process.

Below are two websites where you will find further information about Patient Assistance Programs or you can call 1.888.477.2669.

Medical Insurance premiums and AIDS Insurance Continuation Program (AICP)

The AIDS Insurance Continuation Program (AICP) is a Department of Health program for Floridians who have a diagnosis of AIDS or HIV symptomatic disease and need help paying their health insurance premiums. If you can’t afford to pay your monthly health insurance premiums because you are no longer able to work or because you are a low-income working individual, you may qualify for enrollment into AICP. Insurance premium payments, up to $750/month, paid to your employer or insurance company for medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage. For eligibility information click here.

Ryan White Health Insurance Premium assistance (RWHI)

Compass Case Managers coordinate with an outside agency to assist eligible clients to maintain their medical and prescription coverage that are unable to afford their monthly premium, co-payments, or deductibles.

Mental health counseling

Case managers provide clients who qualify with referrals that need access to individual mental health services.

Prescription drug co-payment assistance

Case managers assist clients that are unable to afford their monthly medication co-payments with a pharmacy referral from Palm Beach County Health Care District. There are Patient Assistance Programs and additional co-payment assistance cards that the pharmaceutical companies may offer. Attached is information to which pharmaceutical companies offer co-pay assistance and ways to apply.

PDF of Patient Assistance Program Application

The application can also be found by clicking here.

Oral Health Care

The Ryan White oral health care program offers a wide range of dental services located at the Department of Health and other agencies to eligible persons who are living with HIV disease. Services include:

  • Routine dental exams and prophylaxis
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Replacements
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Oral surgery
  • Instructions on maintaining oral health

Food Services

Compass provides food vouchers to eligible clients that are in need. A nutritional assessment must be done every year by a dietitian, nutritionist or physician. Case managers also assist clients with applying for food stamps and access to local food pantries. For eligibility information and application for food stamps click here.

Transportation services

Compass provides monthly bus passes from Palm Tran to eligible clients for medical purposes. Cab vouchers and Ticket-to-Ride vouchers are available to eligible clients to access medical appointments on an as needed basis.

Legal assistance

Case managers can assist clients that have issues of legal matters. Clients receive a referral to get legal assist from Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County.

Linkage to Medical Coverage

Health Care District of Palm Beach County offers medical coverage to individuals who are low-income and may not be able to afford medical coverage. Each program has specific eligibility criteria and coverage. To find out more information you can access their website here.

Linkage to Eye Care

Compass coordinates with LensCrafters and Target Optical through the OneSight program to provide eye exams and eye glasses to individuals who are in need. Case Managers provide a direct referral from Compass and will help set up an appointment for eligible clients.